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iPhone Email Setup

The following tutorial is for setting up an email account. Southwest Link ( and Fraser Hill ( customers have slightly different settings from, but we will note these differences as we go through the tutorial.

1a: If you have never configured any email accounts on your iPhone and/or there are currently no other accounts set up on it then you will need to start the setup by clicking on the "Mail" icon. From the Welcome screen you will need to scroll to the very bottom and click on "Other".

1b: If email account(s) are already setup on the iPhone then you will need to go into "Settings" and select "Mail, Contacts, Calendars". This screen should list accounts currently setup on your iPhone, just click on the "Add Account" button and scroll to the very bottom of the screen a click on "Other" and then select "Add Email Account".

2: The next screen will ask you to enter in your Name, Email, Password, and Description. Enter in what you want others to see as your "Name" when receiving email from your iPhone, this can either be your First Name, Full Name, or a Nickname. Email address should be your,, or email address which you have with us. Password needs to be the password associated with this email account. The Description can be anything, however we generally recommend typing in the email address of the account. After entering in all the above information click "Next".

3: In the following screen it generally defaults to "IMAP", you will need select "POP" and after clicking onto it that should now have changed from a gray button to a blue one. Scrolling down it will request the server settings for both the Incoming and the Outgoing Mail Servers (e.g., "Host Name"):

Enter your e-mail username, which is the portion of your email address before the @ symbol (e.g., "youremail" would be the username for the address ""), for both the Incoming Username and Outgoing User Name. This will be the same procedure for all three,, and email accounts.


4: Having entered in all the above information click on "Return" and it should begin a "Verifying" process. This may take some time, but eventually this process will timeout and you should be prompted with a screen asking if you would like to continue using "SSL". Click "Yes" and then "Save". Another warning screen will come up saying that you may not be able to send and receive email and do you want to save it. Again click "Save".


It will take you back to the previous screen showing all your account information. At this point select "Save" and at the warning press "Save" again.

5: From here scroll down the the bottom and press on "Advanced". Toggle the "Use SSL" to OFF and change the Server Port from 995 to 110. After those changes click on the button in the upper left corner to go back to the previous screen.

6: Next you will need to click on SMTP. From the SMTP window click on the first option that appears under "Primary Server".

Enter the following information:

(*If your email ends with use If your email ends with use

Depending on how your phone is connecting to the internet the verifying may or may not succeed. If it is unsuccessful go ahead and save the settings. If after saving the settings you are pushed back to the SMTP screen you will need to go back into "". Verify that "Use SSL" is toggled to OFF, Authentication is set to "Password".

Click "Done" and then click on the account button (should be your email address) in the upper left screen.

From here you will need to click on "Done" and at this time the iPhone will perform one last validation and if all is working it will take you back into the "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" screen. Everything at this point should be configured for you to send and receive email to your iPhone.

Note: If your phone has not been previously setup and/or has no email accounts configured at the time you create this you may run into an issue when trying to open up the "Mail" icon for the first time. If after performing the above steps you open up "Mail" and it shows the "Welcome to Mail" with various email providers to setup new email then you will need to completely power off your iPhone and start it back up.