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Thunderbird Email Setup

Mozilla Thunderbird is a free open source email program similar to Outlook Express but with greater flexibility and options. You may obtain Mozilla Thunderbird from

Southwest Link ( and Fraser Hill ( customers have slightly different settings from We will note these differences as we go through the tutorial.

How to setup Your Email Address using Mozilla Thunderbird

1. In Mozilla Thunderbird, from the "Tools" menu select "Account Settings..."

2. Select Email account. Click "Next >".

3. Enter your name and e-mail address. "your name" can be anything, capitals are ok here. Your email address and username should all be lower case. Click "Next >".

4. Select POP as the type of incoming server and then type in the appropriate mail server for the Incoming Server based on your email address:

5. Enter your e-mail username, which is the portion of your email address before the @ symbol (e.g., "youremail" would be the username for the address ""), for both the Incoming Username and Outgoing User Name. This will be the same procedure for all three,, and email accounts.

Click "Next >".

6. Enter a name for your email account, any description is acceptable here. However, if you have multiple accounts setup in Thunderbird we recommend typing in the full email address. Click "Next >".

7. Verify your account information and click "Finish".

8. In the Account Settings window, select Outgoing Server listed below your new account.

Type in the appropriate mail server based on your email address:

Select Use name and password and enter the first part of your Interwrx e-mail address. Thunderbird will ask you for your password the first time you try to send mail.

If you have an or email account click on the "OK" button as this completes your setup. For all email customers you will need to change the Port from the default 25 to 26. After changing that setting click the "OK" button and you should now be able to send and receieve email.