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Windows Live Mail Email Setup

The following tutorial is for setting up an email account. Southwest Link ( and Fraser Hill ( customers have slightly different settings from, but we will note these differences as we go through the tutorial.

1: Click on "START", go to "All Programs", and open "Windows Live Mail" and proceed to Step 3. If there are no instances of "Windows Live Email" then you will need to download "Windows Essentials Live" from Microsoft at

1a: If you had to download and install "Windows Essentials Live" during the installation process in addition to installing "Windows Live Mail" you will be presented the options to install other applications. Installation of these other applications is completely at your own discretion, however for sending and receiving email you only need to install "Windows Live Mail".

2: After completing the installation of "Windows Live Mail" click on the "START" button and "Windows Live Mail" should now appear. Click on it to begin the setup process.

3:If you have already configured Windows Live Mail with an email account then you will need to click on the "Accounts" tab and then click on the "@+ Email" button. If you have never used Windows Live Mail before then proceed to the next step.

4: Ignoring the "Sign in to Windows Live" proceed to where you need to fill in the following information; your Email Address, Password, and Display Name. After typing in this information be sure to click on the box "Manual configure server settings" and click "Next".

5: Under "Incoming server information" select "POP" for the Server Type. Under "Server address:" enter one of the following based on your email address:

Leave "Requires a secure connection (SSL)" UNCHECKED and leave the "Authenticate using:" defaulted to "Clear text". Enter your e-mail username, which is the portion of your email address before the @ symbol (e.g., "youremail" would be the username for the address "")

Under "Outgoing server information" enter the same server address you typed in earlier as the server address used under the "Incoming server information". For Email Accounts ONLY, change the port number from 25 to 26. All other accounts leave it defaulted to port 25. Leave "Requires a secure connection (SSL)" UNCHECKED and CHECK the option below it for "Requires Authentication".

After confirming everything is entered in correctly click on "Next" and then "Finish". You should now be able to send and receive email in Windows Live Mail.